“I feel empty, all the time.”

“I feel empty, all the time.”

Maybe she feels like this because she wrote it while taking a load off in the English Building. In all honesty and curiosity, why would anyone write this in a bathroom stall without something coming along and pointing out the obvious? Boys apparently have convinced themselves that “Girls don’t poop”, but after walking into the girl’s bathroom in the English Building, I can tell you that is most definitely not true.

Okay, okay. Besides the fact that the writer of this is emptying her bowels, there has to be a legitimate reason she is writing this on a bathroom stall. Is this the only place she can write this and know that someone will read it? Can she not be heard by her roommates, friends, loved ones that she must write this in a public, yet very intimate place?

Perhaps her immediate support system isn’t available to her or is telling her that her feelings are just a figment. If that’s the case, I’m not surprised that she has written about her emptiness on a bathroom stall at eye-level to whoever is sitting. It’s attention-seeking, sure, but it would be more attention-seeking if she had signed her name or provided reasons. There would be no sympathy for her if she had written her name. Facebook messages would be sent about how pathetic and stupid she is for having written that. It’s true. College kids can be ruthless.

Everyone has those days where they feel like they are droning on, without a purpose, alone, empty. It’s just one of those days. Girls—it’s a natural feeling. Whatevs. It happens. This poor girl needed an outlet for her crappy day (how appropriate). And so it is that her crappy day must be projected onto us unexpectedly. We must empathize with her emptiness of our own because we’ve all experienced it at some point, or at least know of what she is speaking.

The placement of the comma there seems to have some significance. Grammatically, its placement is incorrect and unnecessary. However in dialogue, she is pausing. All the time. Why does she feel empty, especially all the time? All the time: since when or has it really been all the time since her birth or just recently? Again, if there were more details to this, I might have to make more puns, but I’m glad there aren’t, as should she.

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