Religious Pluralism: Who’s laughing now?

“I’m Praying For You.” <– “I’m laughing at you.”

Maybe I missed the joke. What’s so funny? Is it because someone has a religious conviction? Perhaps this person isn’t devoted to one denomination, but is very spiritual and believes in a higher power. Is it really so funny that she is praying? Maybe it’s because she’s praying for “you.” The collective “you”. I understand that not everyone has a secure faith. Totally, for sure. But does that mean that those that do not have religion in their lives should mock those that do, or vice versa? No.

I came across this phrase not too long ago and I personally find it fitting: religious pluralism. Wikipedia does a good job of explaining what it is. According to Wikipedia, religious pluralism is a “loosely defined expression concerning acceptance of various religions”. This term can also be used to express that one’s religion is not the only source of truth or that another’s religion is wrong, but a more harmonious co-existence and understanding between different denominations and faiths. I don’t have a problem with people of other faiths. I understand if we don’t have the same convictions, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to belittle everyone I meet or try to convert them.

One of the most insensitive things you can do is make rude comments towards someone when they express religion in any way. “I’m laughing at you” proves that she has insecurities, bitterness, possibly had a falling out with the Church (whichever church that may be), or is unable to understand the fulfillment that religion provides for those that possess it. Whatever the case may be, I find it inappropriate to say you’re laughing at someone for having faith. What about you? You have to believe in something, right? What do you believe in, missy? Do you even have a moral code? Or do you just enjoy laughing at people who don’t believe the same things as you or that don’t rely on science and physics to describe the universe?

I understand religion is such a touchy subject, and, really, I don’t prefer in getting into religious debates, but I accept that there are other religions out there. I accept that there are people of different faiths than me, and I accept that there are people without faith. I won’t judge them. I won’t think of them any differently. I’d prefer if everyone act on a moral code than flaunt and force religion down others’ throats, but that would be in a perfect world. Alas, we do not live in a perfect world. There’s too much religion trash-talk in the women’s bathroom and it’s a little unnerving. Religious pluralism should be introduced to the world… hopefully it would leave an impact on how we treat each other.

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