It has been almost two months since my last post and I apologize for that. More midterms, papers, research papers, response papers and final exams all like to pile up within the last month of the semester.

I had to make some changes in my posts. I’ve edited and expanded in a few of them. In one of my posts I completely erased the content of the R.I.P. Evan post. What I had written was a little harsh and insensitive, but I think the picture is still very important. Finding an epitaph written on the bathroom wall is not necessarily the best place to remember a lost friend, but also very inappropriate. A smelly bathroom stall is not the place to remember a friend. What would motivate the writer to choose the bathroom to write this? Is she thinking of him while in the bathroom? Does she want the world to know of Evan? Either way, there are better places and better ways to express memories of Evan than the women’s restroom in the English Building… I left the post with the picture up so that those who have comments can leave them.

Be prepared to see more posts this summer! I have a few more pictures from the English Building, but I received word that Davenport Hall and the Art and Design Building restroom’s also have interesting graffiti.

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