New Discoveries

>Earlier this evening, I ventured into the Foreign Language Building for a meeting that I had around 9pm. I had about ten minutes to spare and I needed to relieve my bladder of some pressure that it was experiencing. Unexpectedly, as I entered one of the stalls, I saw that almost every inch of it was covered in graffiti. I felt like I had won the lottery. I needed new material to work with, and wasn’t content with the pictures in the file that I had from the English Building restrooms. Now. Now, my dear readers, I have a plethora of pictures. Many that I am excited to just share and not even analyze. Hopefully this weekend I can update you the many new occurrences on this campus– the English Building was renovated over the summer, so the women’s restroom on the first floor was completely redone, free of any graffiti…or so it was. And then I made my discoveries in FLB so the English Building will sit on the back-burner for now.

Soon you will see. Soon you will (hopefully) enjoy.

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