Stop peeing all over the seat!

I’m sure men have this problem too. Maybe? Maybe if you have young children.

But I find nothing more frustrating when I’m uncomfortably speed walking down the hall, rush into the bathroom, push the stall door and see the tinkles of a previous female. Not only do I find it absolutely disgusting that the seat either has sprays or a couple drops of urine, but it disgusts me to have to wipe down the seat before I go. Now, don’t assume that I wipe then sit. No no no. I wipe. I wipe again. Then I put down three sheets of toilet paper on each side of the bowl and proceed.

If–if–by any chance there is even a little bit of tinklings on the toilet, then it is wiped away! What is so hard about that? The person after you will see what you’ve done. You’ve seen what you’ve done, so why don’t you help everyone by cleaning up after yourself. I know this is a little juvenile to state, but it’s something to keep in mind at points of our life.

Toilet users all over the world should keep in mind that a happy behind is a clean behind. Wipe your butts and wipe the seat, but not in that order… or at least, please use a new sheet of toilet paper. Let’s stay sanitary, folks.

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