Kittens, Coupons, and Falsehoods!

Saving Money > A Cute Baby Kitty (Barely)

I can’t help but to giggle at this. Apparently someone doesn’t like saving money as much as they love cute baby kittens.

I saw this poster in the women’s washroom in Gregory Hall. Thankfully, the first stall I entered wouldn’t lock and I ventured into this neighboring one. Oh, how silly students are. You can’t seem to bribe them even with saving up to 90% from our “favorite bars, restaurants, and more!” Perhaps the kitten on the poster isn’t cute enough. Perhaps she is not worried about saving money because daddy pays for everything. Maybe she’s a self-sufficient woman. Maybe she knows a deal when she sees one without the help of an online source. Or maybe someone is just being a sassy pants and doesn’t want to admit that sometimes saving money is slightly greater than a cute baby kitty (barely).

Or wait a second… Is it that the cute baby kitty is barely less than saving money? Or is it that the barely cute baby kitty is less than saving money? Because, then I’d have to agree with the latter statement. That kitty is barely cute; so, yes, saving money would be greater than it.

Someone is trying to let us know that we can save money! We’re poor college students who have empty pockets and this will save us! Save us! Okay, maybe not, but someone wanted to focus on the kitty part over the actual advertisement. Girls… I’ll never understand them.

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