Bye-bye, Borders.

The first thought that ran through my mind when I heard Borders was closing was “DISCOUNTED BOOKS!”

So, what do I do the next day? I go to Borders. I buy ONE book. Just one. I didn’t feel the pressure to shop for books because I knew the store had at least a few weeks. Plus a lot of what I knew I was going to buy were fiction books. And they had a ton of those. But what I knew they didn’t have a lot of was the SINGLE copy of Spring Awakening: A Play. I bought that. I was in such joy.

Let me break it down like this: I went to Borders four times since it announced it was closing.

8/10/2011 – 1 item sold$8.54

8/15/2011 – 7 items sold – $61.11

8/19/2011 – 6 items sold – $52.87

9/08/2011 – 9 items sold – $30.18


So, with my handy-dandy calculator, I’ve calculated that I’ve spent $152.70. There goes a week’s worth of pay from my “wonderful” retail job. However, I find it absolutely worth it. The savings I made? $200.39.

I saved ~56.8% of what I would have spent had Border’s not closed and had I paid full price (my total would have been $353.09 otherwise). Is my math correct?

As though I didn’t already bring home a plethora of books when I moved home from college, I now have 23 new books to add to my box o’ books with no shelf space to put it. With my great accumulation, it appears that I truly do need a new bookcase. My birthday is coming up. As is Christmas. Mom? Dad? Will you read this and bestow me such a wonderful gift?

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