New Resolutions

When I was asked what my resolution for 2012 would be, I answered to be more productive. Seeing as it’s taken me almost three weeks to update my blog, it would seem like I’ve already fallen short. However, I have taken small steps to become more organized and productive these past 16 days of 2012.

1. Nothing makes me more excited than to organize something. Usually, it’s my closet, but since I took care of that not-so-long ago, it was time I changed it up a bit. I went straight for my bookcase, which barely received the tender love and care it deserved since I’ve moved back home. I had thrown Norton Anthologies here and there, and shoved books in any available space I could find. Pure chaos.

Yes, that is an Algebra textbook.

I decided I needed a system to organize my books. I had three shelves (out of five) to organize. The bottom two shelves were reserved for notebooks and course packets I had for classes in college, and for Spanish and history notebooks that I used in high school. It seems silly to keep anything from high school, but my history notes are probably my most prized possessions from then. They’re probably the best notes I’ve ever taken in my eighteen years of schooling. I’ll admit to even using those notes for a college history course. And I got an A.

Getting back on topic, I’ve organized by bookcase (and other shelf space) as such:
– Norton Anthologies (or any anthology, critical edition), textbooks, dictionary, reference books

My heart melts for W.W. Norton

– The shelves below it, I organized in terms of height and hardcover. I tried putting taller books, and the books I read for my courses in back, but of course that’s not entirely the case. There are books I had in high school, that I bought/read for fun, or to read. Basically, I need to see the books to know they’re their: hence the height arrangement. And in front, are the True Blood series books (and yes, I know I’m missing one), Les Miserable, Don Quixote, some classics, you know. The shelf below it has the same height arrangement laid out. I’ve learned to recognize books my their bindings anyway, so this is easy for me.

-My next pride and joy shelf belongs to my Joyce Carol Oates shelf. I’ve started a collection of her books after I read her short story Where are you Going? Where have you been? my freshman year, and I can’t get enough of her. I’m determined to buy and to read (or maybe just read) every book she’s written or edited. But that would take a lifetime. So for now, my 2012 reading resolution is to read every JCO book I currently own before I buy (or read) anymore of her work.

JCO Collection + Henry Miller. It makes sense, right?

-And finally, my last shelf: Plays. Plays, a short story collection, and The Chicago Manual of Style (15th Edition). Simple. Clean. Nice.

2. I’ve been working on my application to grad school. Who knew writing a personal statement would be this challenging? I’ve been rereading and rewriting. I might take the Tolkien approach and discard what I’ve written when I hit a road block and just start fresh each time. Not only do I have the personal statement to complete, but I also have a writing sample to write. I have a few ideas and possible stories to edit and revise, but crafting a new story may be in my future.

3. I’ve been keeping up with submissions for Niche, the literary magazine I work on. We’ve received a couple dozen submissions for our second issue already, but I’ve finally managed to read quite a bit lately. Not I have a not-so-daunting amount left to read, probably less than 10. I’m also trying to update the Facebook and Twitter pages as much as possible. Please feel free to check them out! Our first issue should be out by the end of the month.

4. I’ve thought of a new project that I want to embark on, but I don’t want to share too much about it just yet. All I know is that it’s going to take me quite a bit of time to perfect it and to do my research, but I’m ready and I’ve already started.

I’m hoping for great things in 2012 even if the year didn’t have the most poetic start. So now all that’s left to say is: let the games begin!

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