Book Humor: Juxtaposing Situations

If you haven’t guessed: I like books. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have majored in creative writing and English literature. I make literary references in normal conversation (I try to reserve those for other English major friends. For example, a friend of mine was talking about her love life. I told her it’s not as bad as it could be: at least it’s not a Cathy and Heathcliff situation. *cue giggle*).

However, I enjoy books more than just for their entertainment value. Honestly, I just like looking at them sometimes. That’s right: I’m one of those people who literally likes to look at books. I think that they provide great aestheticism to any room. Sometimes I go to bookstores just to admire what’s there: watching the literary world evolve from one shelf to the next.

I’ve noticed a few interesting placements of books during my journeys throughout the past few months. I’m not sure if it’s the result of a weird coincidence or someone’s odd sense of humor.

Now, I’m someone who enjoys a good joke now and then, but was this really by chance? I was at the larger Border’s in my area near the last few days of its existence looking for a book in the SciFi/Fantasy section. As I was trying to find a specific book, what caught my eye but this:

Both hands of God.

Behold: both hands of God in the respective order. I’ve heard of The Left Hand of God but that’s probably because it’s not really the most original of titles within the last 60 years. But at least someone had the decency to think of the placement of God’s other hand in the literary world. Perhaps this is where listing books alphabetically by author becomes the coincidence.

This doesn’t need to be stated, but I’m still going to: books have evolved throughout the years. From handwritten books to those printed on fresh paper, the written word has been experienced and improved by many gifted writers. However, due to recent branching out marketing strategies by celebrities (can you tell I’m not pleased?), apparently anyone can write a book.

From Poe to Polizzi...

I’m going to bite my tongue before I say anything I’ll regret. I hope you feel the same.

And finally, in my own home:

A History of Armenia (Abridged)

The full history of Armenia too long? It’s okay, the Brief History is close by. We have a plethora of books about Armenian history and religion (most written in Armenian), but out of the three bookcases in our family room, I notice these instantaneously. Was this the crafty work of my mother trying to organize chaos? Or did this happen by chance? No one will ever know.

Have you noticed anything like this at a bookstore, library, or even in your own home?

One thought on “Book Humor: Juxtaposing Situations

  1. mikereverb says:

    Don’t worry; I highly doubt that Snooki actually wrote that book.

    What a wonderful opportunity for a picture, and you snapped it before Borders closed. Who knows when the stars will align and allow both hands of God to be so close to each other?

    I’m looking at my bookshelves now, and nothing odd is standing out except the weird collection of books. One shelf goes from World War Z to Thermopylae to Alchemy and Mysticism to The Godfather and then Egyptian Mythology.

    So….literary ADHD much? :)

    Thanks for sharing!


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