October Lovers

There are several reasons why I love October.

I could talk forever about why October is distinctive in relation to its season, but I won’t.

Instead, let me give you a list of reasons why I enjoy this wonderful month and why you probably can’t enjoy these things any other month:

1. Books to read during October: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Historian, anything by Edgar Allan Poe, The Legend of Sleepy Hallow, let’s even throw in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Better yet, grab a Stephen King novel. Reading stories about vampires, creatures, the undead, what have you, have a sweeter quality to them when reading them on a breezy October afternoon or near a fire lit in the backyard. I have a collection of Poe stories that I plan on reading this month as well as reading one of my favorites for years: Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde. Sure, it’s a young adult novel, but at least almost 20 years ago there was some quality to the young adult genre.

2. You get to wear infinite amounts of plaid: College students will like this the most, since barn dances have been taking place since September. Whenever I see that much plaid, I instantly think there is a never-ending Country Thunder event happening. And since I live near Chicago and not in Texas or Tennessee, I believe in wearing plaid sparingly and when the occasion calls for it. October calls for it–sparingly.

3. Pumpkin flavored everything: I think this is self-explanatory. I eat pumpkin seeds year round, but apparently society thinks  it’s weird when I eat a whole pumpkin cheesecake by myself in the middle of March. And it is because it’s pumpkin cheesecake in March, I assure you.

4. Counting down to Halloween. It’s not necessarily counting down until the month is over, but it’s counting down to a holiday that everyone can participate. We’re all looking to be scared, to have fun with friends, dress up as superheros or something comical and unique. Eating copious amounts of candy isn’t as greatly frowned upon. Food and desserts can be dressed up too, like rice crispy pumpkins, bloody popcorn hands, gelatin worms, and witch pretzel rod fingers! Halloween is the theme for October and everyone can participate. It’s a holiday everyone can get excited for.

5. All the pretty colors. Sappy, girly, sure. But seriously. The changing colors of the leaves both on the trees and sprinkled on the ground are scenic and beautiful. Sure bright blue skies and healthy green grass are amazing signs of summer and warmth, but the crispness of the air, the leaves and the season are something unique and different to look forward to. Not all trees change colors the exact same, so every year, each fall is more beautiful than the last.

So tell me, what’s your favorite thing about October? If October’s not your favorite month, what is and why?

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