Saving for School and Travel

Dream big.

Thank you, Caribou Coffee, for the smiles this morning. :)

I love love love (is that enough emphasis?) when I walk into a store, be it a coffee shop or anywhere else, that utilizes pop-culture (which also happens to be part of literature) to lure customers. Granted, this is a tip jar for their excellent services, but it would be adorable if this was a legit savings jar. Granted, this Caribou Coffee location in downtown Chicago may not be hitting the right demographic with this method of tip earning because it’s several blocks away from a college campus and many of the employees in this area have probably not read the Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia series, but I appreciated the enthusiasm and creativity despite of that.

If parents are looking for a way to encourage their children to save money, this may be the start of something big. ;)

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