“Capt. Jack Harkness, and you are…?”, or How I Met the Man of My Dreams, Part 3

He is the sweetest man I have ever met. Ever.

Men and women of the world: BE JEALOUS!

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, I’ve been rewatching the entire series (read: the revival series circa 2005), and I can’t get enough of Captain Jack Harkness. He’s character is so playful and flirtatious, which is a true reflection on John Barrowman.

He’s absolutely brilliant and a sweetheart. I really don’t know what else I can say about him. Barrowman is silly, passionate, caring and fun. When I approached his booth at Chicago Comic Con, his mother and father were sitting behind him, smiling proudly at their son as he greeted each fan with enthusiasm. Also at his booth was his husband Scott Gill, who was equally adorable and sweet to John’s fans while also playing bookseller (John and his sister Carol have written a series of books).

When my friend and I approached John, we didn’t ask for an autograph. We just asked for permission. Permission that we could have fun with our photo op. John happily agreed and said “Anything goes, but nothing that involves the face.” Apparently out of the many fans who kissed him on the cheek had bird flu or something, so no more kissing.

(People of the world hate you, whoever you are.)

As you can see, I happily jumped into John Barrowman’s arms. What you can’t see (because my friend asked I crop him out) is my friend on his knees, arms clenched in fists in the air and shouting “Barrowman!”

Cue David Tennant on Never Mind the Buzz Cocks.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU11XEm-PNA]

Besides meeting Milo Ventimiglia (which caused me to tear up from sheer excitement and being star stuck [I still say “HA!” to the friends who teased me saying I will never meet him]) and CM Punk (who I basically stalked at Riot Fest this year [sort of, not really. I just followed his Twitter really well that weekend.], this was one of the more care-free and giddy moments of my Chicago Comic Con weekend this year.

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