Resolutions for 2014

This past year had a bumpy start, but it quickly turned up to be one of the best years ever. Not only did I see my favorite band my third time in concert this year, I went to several other concerts and music festivals, including my first Backstreet Boys concert, Lollapalooza and Riot Fest. I was accepted into grad school (and completed my first semester). I got a full time job. After (too many) years of tolerating my fakeberry Nokia, I upgraded my phone. I went to Chicago Comic Con and excitedly met CM Punk, Milo Ventimiglia and John Barrowman. I saw Book of Mormon with my friends and Wicked with my mom. One of my dear friends from Girl Scouts got married this past weekend and I had the honor of attending.

Thank you, 2013, for being awesome.

Sherlock S02.E01 “A Scandal in Belgravia”

However, when it comes to setting up resolutions for the new year, everyone seems to wait until January 1st to get the ball moving. Honestly, I think there are better times to set up a one-year goal than with the rest of the population. This year, I set up my resolutions for the new year at the beginning of this month, on my 25th birthday, which is truly the start of a new year.

Like many bloggers out there, I’m sharing my list of resolutions for next year. Actually, scratch that. I’m making a 2014 bucket list. Because that sounds more promising.

1. Blog more regularly. Okay, so this is still a resolution. The original plan was twice a week, but let’s be a little more realistic: once a week or three times a month. A Year With JCO does not count in the three-four monthly posts.

2. Read more of the books I own. Less buying books, unless they’re for school, and more reading what I own. My bookcase is two deep and I should really get cracking on reading through them. I will, however, let myself break my rule for a really awesome library sale.

“Books: Best weapons in the world!” 
Doctor Who S02.E02 “Tooth and Claw”

3. Join and regularly attend a book club. My library apparently has a book club for 20 to 30-year-olds, so I’m feeling optimistic.

4. Go on literary adventures. And I mean more than just going to Printers Row. I mean actual adventures visiting homes, graves and museums of writers. My tentative picks for 2014: Boston, New York, Princeton, San Francisco.

5. Meet Joyce Carol Oates. I swear to you this will happen. Whether it’s while I’m (tentatively) visiting Princeton or if I have to fly out anywhere for a reading/book signing. Thank you Celestial Timepiece for keeping me up-to-date.

6. Go to a concert (or two). I already have tickets for Riot Fest 2014, but I would love to see one of the following bands in next year: Rise Against, Anerblin, Backstreet Boys, Shinedown, HIM. Just to name a few.

7. Master the art of skateboarding. I did not buy a skateboard to fall and tear my palm open. I will be successful.

8. Catalog my bookcase. I’m starting to become precise about some things, but I just can’t help it. Plays are already on a different bookshelf than the rest of my books. Classics, sci-fi, mysteries must all be separated as well.

9. Visit my new Alma Mater. I went from the Fighting Abe Lincolns to the Fighting George Washingtons: from one awesome president to the other. Okay, so, that’s not really either of our mascots, but I’m not too far off. Regardless, George Washington University has their own 101 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate list.

10. Buy a car. Working in the city is great because I just have to hop on a train and I’m all set, but I’m a big girl. I’ve got errands to run and people to see. I need my own set of wheels.

Gilmore Girls

Part resolutions, part bucket list. All for me to do in the next 364 days. Let’s do this.

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