Keeping Resolutions

In my last post, I promised myself (and you) I would not buy any more books except for textbooks.

I am here to tell you I have resisted temptation and prevailed.

That’s right. I went to Half Price Books this weekend and didn’t buy a single book. I wandered around to my usual sections: Joyce Carol Oates books, medieval literature (has anyone ever had success searching for the lais of Marie de France?), best sellers. Nothing. I didn’t pick up any book nor did I feel the desire that I just had to buy one either.

In all honesty, I had no intention of buying anything. I knew if I broke my own resolution so soon after the new year, I would feel guilty and horrible and no one wants that so soon after January 1. At least pretend like you tried. And nobody likes a fake.

As my friends were in line to pay, I browsed the clearance DVDs by the registers. Sometimes you’ll find something amazing, other times you’ll find something you’d only pay clearance price for, and many times the selection is awful. As luck would have it, something awesome happened.

Well, not just yet.

I found Serenity first and figured since I’m watching Firefly right now, I’ll need the movie soon to finish the story. My friend then pointed out Heroes Season 1 and how could I turn down such an amazing deal? $3 for the a TV series season? That includes Milo Ventimiglia? You don’t have to tell me twice.

While I was at the register, something caught my eye. A stack of DVDs littered the counters. About 25. And there it was three from the top. The beautiful distressed blue box. I have been searching for this movie for at least 8 years, especially the last few months. It was only by fate that it should turn it up obvious in front of me.

Behold: I am now in possession of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Edition.

Anyone who collects series or sets will understand how gratifying this is. Sure, it’s an extra 30-45 minutes, but it was crucial I complete my collection, especially for The Lord of the Rings, because, well, it’s LOTR and, otherwise, what’s the point?

I’ll except any New Year’s resolution, no matter now small or how silly. Best $17.40 I’ve ever spent.

Behold, luck is $16 + tax.

Behold, luck is $16 + tax.

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