Top Ten Finished Series I Have Yet to Finish – Top Ten Tuesday

It’s another week of Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly bookish meme hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic is “Top Ten Finished Series I Have Yet to Finish.” Originally I was going to skip this week because I thought it was the “freebie” week, but that’s next week (oops).


  1. The Sookie Stackhouse Series (or, The Southern Vampire Mysteries) by Charlaine Harris – I read only five of the 14 book series (13 books and a “13.5” “what comes next” book). I couldn’t keep up with the show and the books, and I was quickly losing interest in both formats. Did anyone else feel this way?
  2. The Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shepard – IS IT OVER YET, SARA?! There are 16 books and two “.5” books. Of those 18, I’ve read 13. Who knows how much longer this will go on…
  3. The Rats of NIMH Trilogy – I read the first book written by Robert C. O’Brien within the last two years, and I recently found out it’s a trilogy, which was completed by his daughter Jane Leslie Conly. The premise of the book was inspired by the work of John B. Calhoun and his work with mice and rats at the National Institute of Mental Health. If you were like me and my brother and watched “The Secret of NIMH” during your childhood, read the book.
  4. The Wonderland Quartet by Joyce Carol Oates – A Garden of Earthly Delights was the second book JCO published and the first book to the series. The series dives into social class in America, and each book a new protagonist.
  5. The Earthsea Quartet by Ursula K. Le Guin – I know, I was supposed to read it for class in college, but life happens! I’m 1.5 books in, but at this point, I should just start over.
  6. Fables by Bill Willingham – These graphic novels follow fairytale characters in their joint lives in an almost alternate universe. Someone correct me if I’m wrong: There are 150 stories, but 22 volumes. I’ve read Vol. 1, or stories #1-5.
  7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein – I’ve read the first book in its entirety and part of the third book, but I should probably read what came in the middle too.
  8.  The Hook and Jill Saga by Andrea Jones – If I’m not mistaken, this will also be a trilogy, but I’ve only read book one. It’s an “adult” version of Peter Pan. Seriously, though: there’s mature content.
  9. The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyers – Because after Eclipse, I had to remind myself that I have standards.
  10. Robert Langdon Series by Dan Brown – I suppose I always knew that this was a series, but I never cared to read Angels & Demons (book one) before I read The Da Vinci Code (book two). Now there are two more books out, which I suppose I should eventually get around to reading. My dad is already recommending Inferno because of how it ties into Dante’s Inferno.


What are your series reading habits? Do you usually buckle down and finish as quickly as possible, or do you pace yourself to get the full experience (pending on if the entire series is published)?

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Finished Series I Have Yet to Finish – Top Ten Tuesday

  1. cricketmuse says:

    Sometimes I tromp through a series and other times I need a break. And sometimes it’s frustrating how long it takes for the next book to get published. There are also those series I rediscover like Giver, getting to read them in succession without the wait.


    • Mary says:

      I agree with everything you said. If it’s a series I absolutely love, I find the anticipation of the next installment to be thrilling! Then there are other times when I may be in the mood to know things immediately and wait for there to be several (or however many) books available to keep me occupied. In terms of rediscovering series, I’m actually hoping to do that with Harry Potter. Maybe as an adult, I’ll notice things I didn’t before and rediscover cherished memories.

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