Video: Bookmaking is not Dead

During a time where it seems like everything has gone digital and needs to be on some sort of mobile device to use, it can be tough to pause and reflect on what came before.

Oh. Paper. You’re one of those print enthusiasts, aren’t you?

Call me what you will, but just because I like a good physical book doesn’t make me any less of a reader or bibliophile. Honestly, I don’t think it really matters how you read your books (although, I favor print books over ebooks… more on that another day), as long as you recognize the talent, dedication and ingenuity it is to be a bookbinder, publisher and printer. Especially today.

I could go into a whole history about the Gutenberg press and how the  movable type and printing press has evolved over the last nearly 600 years, but I won’t. I’ll spare you the beautiful details. You can look into that on your own and come to your own conclusions.

Instead, I’ll let you watch for yourself how detailed the craft of bookbinding is:


Even Anthony Bourdain has found it way to San Francisco’s Arion Press and witness the typecasters and bookbinders assemble a book before his eyes.

How’s that for enjoying the smell of a freshly, printed book?

Notice how each letter is carefully placed (in reverse) on the typecast, how each section or signature is in placed in order before they’re stitched together, how the book is carefully proofread against the final manuscript… bookbinding is truly an art that has progressed for centuries and is facing a tumultuous yet thrilling time.

One thought on “Video: Bookmaking is not Dead

  1. Amy says:

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    I often get strange looks when I insist that I want to see my novel published traditionally. But I know I’m not alone. We’re not luddites. We just love the smell, the feel, the look of a printed book. And there’s still something to be said for navigated the harrowing journey to traditional publication.

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