Bookish Things I Want to Quit – Top Ten Tuesday

It’s another week of Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme and feature for bookish bloggers to share lists that reflect that week’s topic. This week’s topic is “top ten bookish things I want to quit (or have quit).”


Since I can’t limit it to one “sub-topic” (e.g., top ten books I stopped reading, book series I want to quit, authors I quit reading, etc.), I’m just going to do a general bookish list. And with that:

  1. Reading reviews before reading books. This is something I really need to stop because then my reviews turn into responses of those reviews, meaning people have no idea what I’m talking about because I just sound like I’m ranting. Who knows if you’ve read the same review I have? Not only does prematurely reading reviews taint my impression of the book, but it also makes my subsequent reviews incoherent.
  2. Buying books when I don’t have room. My bookcase is double-packed and one shelf is falling apart. You’d think this would stop me. But… it doesn’t.
  3. Buying books when I haven’t read the ones I have. So I have a double-packed bookcase with all these books! How many have I actually read? Good question. I’ll have to get back to you on that.
  4. Adding books to my Goodreads TBR and then forgetting to look ever again. I add, I forget. I read whatever is in front of me, not the ones on my TBR list. Those lists are just suggestions anyway, right? …
  5. Reading too many books at once. My Goodreads “Currently Reading” shelf says I am currently reading six books. That’s true, sort of. I’ve half-read whole books that I needed to for class, which I should probably finish. Reading too many books throws me off of what I’ve read and the story line, so maybe my max should be three?
  6. Writing notes in the margins for first editions. I’ve actually never done this (I don’t think), and I definitely don’t want to start. My friend and I just talked about how she wrote in the margin for 4 of 7 first edition Harry Potter books. Guess who regrets everything?
  7. Second-guessing book purchases. Very rarely do I return books, but I go through a buyer’s remorse when I get home because should I have spent that money when I don’t have room for books and I haven’t read the ones I have and I’m already reading six books at once? Answer: yes. Somehow it’s always yes.
  8. Putting off books I want to read. There are a bunch of titles I want to read, and not all of them are recent titles. There are some backlist titles that I really want to read and haven’t gotten to yet or “recent” releases that came out within the last two years that feels like forever ago with the way certain current releases are marketed. I get it. You need to market the frontlist, but the long tail backlist can be your friend!
  9. Avoiding cookbooks. I hope you’re reading this mom and dad because I’m going to encroach on the kitchen turf soon.
  10. Quit putting off rereading certain series and authors. I want to reread the Harry Potter series because I hated the first book but I know I should give it a second chance. There are a few fantasy YA novels that I read when I was actually in middle school and junior high (1999-2003) that I want to reread and finish any series that I haven’t yet.
  11. BONUS: Feeling obligated to read faster than I can and blog constantly. I know… as a blogger, I should churn out book reviews as quickly as possible and keep the posts constant. But I can’t. Because I’m reading. I’ve posted more this year than I have in the past, and I want to keep that up, but I also want to read and do other things too. I’ll post when I can, but I can’t churn out posts every week! I’ll do my best!

Whew! Those are just a few bookish things I want to quit or improve on.

Do we share any of the same things? What’s a bookish thing you want to quit?

11 thoughts on “Bookish Things I Want to Quit – Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Lois says:

    I can relate to so many of these habits, especially with putting off books you want to read. I have a list of series I’ve been wanting to read but find them so daunting because of the time it’ll take me to read. However, I must say that I always feel like I am cheating on a book if I start reading another one therefore I tend to power through and stick the book I’m currently reading before moving on to the next. Great list. :D


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