Review: The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton

the-princess-and-the-pony-kate-beaton-wmThe Princess and the Pony
Kate Beaton
Scholastic, Inc.; June 2015
Hardcover; 40 pages

When I read the summary to this book on Goodreads, for some reason I made it more complicated and thought Princess Pinecone was pretending to be a warrior princess, not that she is one. For that reason, I read this book twice because of my ignorance—Kate Beaton’s comic strip characters are strong-willed, especially female ones.

Princess Pinecone’s birthday is coming up, and she knows exactly what she wants—a strong, intimidating horse appropriate for a warrior princess. Well, for once her parents didn’t get her a sweater. What they get her is a horse, technically speaking, but it isn’t a warrior horse.


It was a short, round, goofy-eyed horse with a tongue that sometimes hung out if it’s mouth… and a farting problem.

Princess Pinecone couldn’t go to the warrior battle with a horse like that… but she did. And lo and behold what happened next. The big, scary-looking warriors actually gushed over the pony! Who knew that warriors had a soft side? Especially for a silly looking pony with a farting problem.

What I love about Kate Beaton’s work is that she takes a story (generally, her comics deal with history but various is always nice) and she tells it like it is (rather, has her characters do it for her) and makes them fun. Her illustrations are unique, her stories are great. I have no critique on the story itself.


A word of caution to certain types of readers… If you don’t like fart jokes, this isn’t for you. Also, if you’re going to critique the fart jokes, then this still isn’t for you. I loved this book because I like fart jokes and cartoon horses with silly expressions.

You could say the horse looked like it had some poo brain (like this one from Adventure Time):

5 out of 5
Copy from my local library

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