New Year – Bookshelf Tour

Happy New Year!

Another year is in the books, and a new year is in the making. So let’s make it a good one!

As part of the #BYOBooks2016 reading challenge, it’s required (or strongly suggested) to post a picture of your bookcase/bookshelves/book files/hoards of books that you plan to tackle for the year. I think I’ve organized my bookcase in a way that makes sense, not just for this challenge but, hopefully, forever… I think.

With a taller bookcase and a more practical way of organizing the books (IKEA’s Billy bookcase is the way to go), I can now actually see all the books I own than my “stuff as many books as this shelf can hold” process from before.

Let me introduce you to my cast of characters:


Welcome to most of the books I own… some memories and a Lord of the Rings poster. It may seem messy now, but trust me. It looks so much better than before.


These (^) are the top two shelves: The top shelf has all the smaller-sized books and MMPs. With the exception of the six of the 12 vertical books. The stack on the far left are mostly YA,and middle school fiction and nonfiction, with a few adult titles as well. The second stack from the left are classics–from Vanity Fair through A Christmas Carol. The stack on the right is a hodge-podge of fantasy/sci-fi or fiction titles.

The second shelf is mostly for larger paperback and some larger hardcover titles. Everything on this shelf is fiction, except for three books.


The top shelf in this picture (^) is half biographies and memoirs, and the other half is part essays and part non-fiction.

Hopefully you’ve noticed the theme in the bottom shelf (^)… They’re all Joyce Carol Oates books (even though the memoir shelf does hold two JCO books too). As you can see, I’m running out of space on this shelf. These JCO books are also organized by novels, novellas, short stories and essays/nonfiction.


With this shelf, I plan to read titles from Vanity Fair  all the way to the right to Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer. As you can see, part of this shelf is filled with W.W.Norton anthologies or Critical Editions. The other books on this shelf are some titles from grad school, as you can see on the left-hand side.


My mostly theatre shelf (^). It’s self-explanatory.

I left out a picture of a catch-all shelf with nonfiction titles that I was required to read during grad school, a cookbook, a first edition of Gone with the Wind, the illustrated Harry Potter (I do own all seven books on another shelf, currently inaccessible), and a 1948 leather-bound edition of The Divine Comedy.

Now it’s your turn. Share pictures of your bookcase/bookshelf/TBR pile and add it to the link-up below. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BYOBooks2016 to stay connected in the conversation. Whether you’re sharing your pictures on your blog or social media, add your link below!

Don’t forget: The first link-up for the year for book reviews is Monday. Will you have a book review ready to share by then?

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