Making a Book from Scratch

There was no way I couldn’t reblog this.

What I like most about The Scholarly Kitchen is it keeps readers up to date on scholarly and academic publishing, open access and libraries, and also every so often, they share a fun and/or (because it can be both) informative video on books or publishing. Like this video series, for example.

“The physical object remains an increasingly small portion of the overall cost [in creating a book], due to advances in technology and the benefits of scale. But what if you had to make your own book from scratch? What would you need to do, and how much would it cost? As part of the ‘How To Make Everything’ series, Andy George gives it a shot.”

Andy George goes from making paper and writing utensils to actually binding a book together. In eight short videos, Andy covers about 4,000 years of writing and publishing methods, and in the end, creates his own book from what he’s learned.

I’m warning you now, if you’re not up to seeing an animal carcass (while making parchment), I recommend skipping the first few seconds of video #2.

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