Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes…

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Be active. Do something. Is it really so hard to take the initiative? Nothing is going to change if you don’t push yourself. We should all take these words to be encouraging. I’m sure people reading this will respond with, “Of course nothing changes if nothing changes. Duh. Thanks, Captain Obvious,” but in all seriousness, if you want something to change, you should be the one to initiate the change!

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” said Mahatma Gandhi. Maybe this quote is completely unrelated, but is it really? Okay, so you got a C- on your Shakespeare paper. But is that because your ideas were poorly expressed and didn’t really answer the prompt, or is it because you didn’t really read Coriolanus and decided SparkNotes was your best alternative? That’s your fault. You can change your grade if you change your study habits. Voila! Change of cause and effect. Wonderful. Change yourself for the better and you will be a better contributing member of society.

However, if you’re sitting with a group of friends and they’re stereotyping a person or group of people walking past, instead of joining in on the ridicule, you can withdraw from the group. Correct them. If we, as human beings, talk about acceptance but don’t act accordingly, then how can we expect there to be less misunderstandings, less hate crimes, less stereotyping? Change the way you think, change the way you act, and you will see the change for which you strive.

I hate it when people complain and don’t do anything to change what they’re complaining about. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of this on occasion. I need that extra little push sometimes. Other times, I wait until the right moment to bring it up with the person with whom I have complaints or annoyances. If I don’t talk to them, the things they say or do are going to keep annoying me until I eventually loathe them. That’s not the way to go. I’ve changed so that I don’t loathe the people I enjoy being around. Communication, understanding, patience, and a willingness to change are what you need to be the change. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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