Stories Are Important

“Stories Are Important. © MAO”

I tried searching to see who “MAO” could possibly be. I’m assuming those are initials, but sadly, I could not find anyone who has copyrighted this quote. At first I thought it might have been a faculty member, but then I rescinded that theory because I doubt any faculty member would damage university property so blatantly. Next guess: a student. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the list of students in the English Department, but then again, who says it’s a student in the English Department? Because this graffiti is written on the English Building? Seems too convenient! Although, it is a safe guess.

Stories are important. Stories are important. Stories are important. Every aspect of our lives are short stories. Our lives as a whole are novels, sometimes epics, that are either unread by others or unaware of by you. But the books you read or the ones you walk passed are just as important as the comic strips you read or the video games you play. These are stories created to engage you. Like life. Life is engaging. Life is your story. Your story is important.

Maybe I’m biased because I’m a creative writing major, but I love reading my peers’ works and I love writing my own. We each have stories to share no matter how insignificant you think yours is. Because, it is important. Stories show the human experience that we all take part in. Needless to say, I was cheerful and emotional and proud when I saw this piece of graffiti facing the west-end of campus. Now everyone who lives in the Champaign portion of campus who is walking toward the Quad will see and hopefully be challenged by this quote, by whomever it is copyrighted. Get writing, people! Get living! See the life that you live is important. Read, write, live!

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