Used Book Sales: Literary Gold Mines

Working full-time and being a student again (yay, graduate school) is a new feat to accomplish, however, it’s happening. That’s all I can say. I’m doing it and it’s happening. In fact, this is probably one of my busiest weeks: I have a midterm, a group project/discussion, another project and an elaborate homework assignment. And six lecture videos to watch. And about 150 pages (that may be a conservative number) to read. Yet, I’m still finding the time to write!

A few weekends ago, I decided to take a well-deserved homework break and do what I love doing best: spend money on books that I have absolutely no room for.

No really. I have no room for them.

A glimpse at my already-packed bookcase(s).

A glimpse at my already-packed bookcase(s). It doesn’t look that bad, but multiply this by four more shelves. It’s a minimalist nightmare.

There’s something about used book sales, especially ones at libraries, that make book buying more fun. I know you all have eyed the collection at the library, wishing you had some of your childhood favorites or maybe even that recent release from your favorite author on your bookcase as well. Library book sales are the gold mines people panning at. It’s the California Gold Rush all over again, but right in your town and with more figurative gold! Used bookstores may have some of those literary treasures you want, but library book sales sometimes have killer deals, like “Fill this giant paper Trade Joe’s bag with as many books as humanly possible: all for $5.” Thank you, Glen Ellyn library for the best sale idea ever.

I tried my best to browse as thoroughly as possible while staying in a certain time limit (because I’m a responsible student).

Despite my digging and panning, I came out with only 10 books, but that’s 50 cents each. I’m pretty content with that. All that matters is that I have two more Joyce Carol Oates books that I can read and (somewhat) review for my other blog. Not to mention the four other books I had purchased the day before I went to this library book sale… Woops!

In similarly exciting news: of those 10 books, I found time to read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and Go Ask Alice. Huzzah for quick reads and YA fiction. Any bit of fun reading relieves the stress of everything going on. Also, it makes me less cranky. Grad school has made me exceptionally grouchy, but finding the time to read casually makes me less so.

Well, I can’t put off the inevitable for too long. Exams and deadlines wait for no one.

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