#BYOBooks2016 Week 4 Link-Up (Jan 19-25)

It’s the last week of January. January. I can’t believe this month is literally almost over. It felt like last weekend was New Years, and I was spending the week comfortably at home (note to self: save some vacation days for the end of the year always).


This month has surprisingly been busy for me–with doing post-Christmas organizing, preparing most paperwork for tax season (because this is adulthood?), traveling and, of course, reading. Not all the books I’ve read this month have been for my #BYOBooks2016 challenge, but the important thing is that I’ve been reading.

An update: Starting next week, I’m going to post the BYOBooks link-up biweekly to give everyone a chance to read and catch up with themselves.

What books have you read this past week or the month so far? Have you read any of your unread books, collecting dust on your bookshelf?


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